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Chidinma Nnorom Chinke is a Visual Artist whose works explores the concept of identity through the architecture of spaces and people and investigates the systems that govern them. She was a member of the Invisible Borders project and has participated in various other projects over the years like CCA Asiko residency, Nlele Institute projects, and Belgrade Art Studio online residency amongst others. She's a two-time finalist in the National Art Competition by AAF; and a recipient of various project grants like the Architectural Photography grant by AAF, ‘Female Artists Perspective to Urban Planning in Lagos’ by Heinrich Böll Foundation Nigeria, and ‘Cosmologies of the South’ by Goethe Institute Lagos. Chidinma is a curatorial assistant with the Nlele Institute, Nigeria, and also took part in the Agora awards ‘We the Women’ exhibition at ExpoDubai 2022. She works out of Lagos Nigeria.

Explore and collect her NFTs here: https://www.voice.com/chidigood

Here are some of her selected Graphics projects: https://www.behance.net/chidinmannorom

Chidinma Nnorom

Chidinma Nnorom Visual Artist, Photographer & Brand specialist.
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